Divorce Is Hard. We Can Help.

Bringing law in to your personal life can be concerning. Family law attorney, Gary W. Stiltner is an honest and compassionate lawyer who can guide you through child custody, visitation and more.

A Friendly Face In Family Law

Divorce, child custody and child support – every family law issue comes with its own set of challenges and choices. Without an experienced attorney, the process can be anxiety-inducing. Working with a lawyer who creates a genuinely welcoming atmosphere and who will answer your questions with patience and attention is a source of relief and comfort. The Stiltner Law Firm, PLLC, creates an atmosphere of respect and ease. Let us stand by your side and guide you.

When attorney Gary W. Stiltner founded our firm, he had a clear vision of the ideal legal firm – honest, to-the-point and effective with your time and resources. This vision shines through in every case we undertake. North Carolina families have trusted The Stiltner Law Firm, PLLC, since 2012.

Helping Hickory-Area Residents When Legal Issues Arise

Our team understands that family law issues have context and impact. So, we work to provide comprehensive services that adapt to your needs. Included among our legal offerings are:

  • Support for individuals seeking legal separation or dissolution of marriage
  • Post-divorce negotiations for spousal support and property division
  • Collaborative resolutions for those in need of a co-parenting agreement
  • Defense services for juveniles
  • Guidance to determine the best child support and child custody arrangements for your family

If you have questions about one of these legal issues or are facing a different family law conflict, reach out to our office and take control of your future.

A North Carolina Family Law Attorney Who Believes In Earning Your Trust

The Guidance You Need At A Price You Can Afford

Respectful, Friendly And Effective Family Law Representation